AdminMod Commands

Command Description
admin_help Displays information about available commands
admin_ban [] Bans target. 0 minutes is a permanent ban.
admin_cancelvote Cancels the current hlds_ld vote
admin_cfg Executes config file on server.
admin_chat Shows message only to other admins.
admin_csay Shows message in center of screen.
admin_denymap Removes all votes for map.
admin_disco Starts disco fever. Fun mode only.
admin_enableallweapons Allows all weapons to be purchased. Use to remove all active weapon restrictions.
admin_enableequipment Allows all equipment to be purchased. Use to remove all active equipment purchase restrictions.
admin_enablemenu Remove restriction from specified menu.
admin_enableweapon Remove restriction from specified weapon.
admin_execall Force everyone to execute command.
admin_execclient Force target to execute command.
admin_execteam Force everyone on team to execute command.
admin_fraglimit Sets the mp_fraglimit cvar.
admin_friendlyfire Sets the mp_friendlyfire cvar.
admin_fun <"on" | "off"> Turns fun mode on or off.
admin_gag [] Gag target. 0 minutes is a permanent gag.
admin_glow Causes you to glow that color.
admin_godmode <"on" | "off"> Sets godmode on target.
admin_gravity Sets the sv_gravity cvar.
admin_hostname Sets the hostname cvar.
admin_kick [] Kicks target.
admin_listmaps Shows maps in mapcycle.
admin_listspawn Lists all spawned entities.
admin_llama Llama-fy target.
admin_map Changes map.
admin_messagemode Will treat 'say' as command.
admin_movespawn Moves a spawned item.
admin_nextmap Shows next map in cycle.
admin_noclip <"on" | "off"> Sets noclip on target.
admin_nomessagemode Will treat 'say' as 'say'.
admin_nopass Clears the server's password.
admin_pass Sets the server's password.mp_kickpercent x
admin_pause Sets the pausable cvar to 1.
admin_psay Sends a private msg to target.
admin_rcon Executes rcon command.
admin_reload Reloads Admin Mod files.
admin_removespawn Removes a spawned item.
admin_restrictallweapons Disallow purchase of all weapons on server
admin_restrictequipment Disallow purchase of all equipment on server
admin_restrictmenu Disallow purchase of anything from specified menu
admin_restrictweapon Disallow purchase of specified weapon
admin_say Shows a message from you as admin.
admin_servercfg Sets the config file as the server's default.
admin_slap Slaps target.
admin_slay Slays target.
admin_slayteam Slays everyone on team.
admin_spawn Spawns a new item.
admin_ssay Shows a message from admin without identification.
admin_stack Will stack everyone on top of you.
admin_startvote Starts an hlds_ld vote.
admin_teamplay Sets the mp_teamplay cvar.
admin_teleport Teleports target to the given coordinates. See admin_userorigin.
admin_timeleft Shows the time left.
admin_timelimit Sets the mp_timelimit cvar. Value = minutes.
admin_tsay [color] Prints msg on lower right of screen.
admin_unban Unbans target.
admin_ungag Ungag target.
admin_unllama Unllama-fy target.
admin_unpause Sets the pausable cvar to 0.
admin_userlist [] Shows a list of users.
admin_userorigin Returns the X, Y, Z coordinates of target.
admin_vote_kick Starts a vote to kick target.
admin_vote_map Starts a vote to change the map.
admin_vsay Presents question as a vote.
say rockthevote Starts an hlds_ld vote.
say glow Causes you to glow that color. Fun mode only.
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